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Success Stories – Results - Tom and Teams:   

$200 million+ in Sales Gains, $75 million+ in Margin Improvement*


Trained by the Best Employers:  Cambridge Technology Partners, IBM(spinoff)  Xerox, Dunn & Bradstreet  Software, Cognizant, Infosys






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"How to Turn Computer Problems

Into Competitive Advantage"

by Tom Ingram, Published 1998,

by the Project Management Institute


Book Review by

Philip Crosby,

Quality Pioneer




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Published 2004 by Tom Ingram and Associates

Update published July 2009

Update published Jan 2022


Top Success Stories – Five Categories


Technical Results

Agile Rapid Results

Sales Gains, Successes

Process Improvement, Cost Savings

Hot Situations, Big Trouble, Restoring Trust

Current Client:  Microservices, Open Source Linux, 80 Container, 5 server System with 244 Live Video Feeds.  Leading development team.

$2.5 Million Immediate Funding in 60 days, 300 Requirements from 20 projects converted to 300 User Stories in 60 days.  200+ user stories to production in 14 months

$216 Million Gross Profit Gain of Over Five Years***

Reduced Process From 153 Steps To 89 Steps. “Touches” Reduced From 40 Per Letter To 15 Per Letter, In 60 Days.

Rapid Results, Success after Failure of Two Previous Vendors

Led technical jumpstart for extreme complexity Salesforce Customer 360 and Lightning Console migration

150 User Stories Written in 120 Days

$10 million Services Sale in 90 days from Saving Project In Trouble


$2.25 Million Savings, 400% Customer Service Improvement,  $5 Million+ In Cash Freed Up, Completed In 120 Days.

$3.5 million settlement for client as Expert Witness against software developer

Led extreme complexity consolidation of 8 business units, 11 interfaces and 1000+ users to single instance of Salesforce

640 Requirements consolidated to 284 User Stories in 60 Days

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$5.5 million Services Sold, First Sale to Marquee Account In 60 Days

$30 Million Savings over 5 Years, Reduced 97 step Quoting Process to 49 Steps

Turnaround of $5 million project in trouble in 90 days


Bleeding Edge technology delivered On-Time, On-Budget, As Promised, including Interface to Home-Grown Accounts Payable System

$500,000 Savings from $100,000 Investment, 1.3 Million Pages Made Paperless in 5 Months

Placed New President Who Turned Losses into $100 million+ in Profitable Services Sold Eight Years

Frito-Lay, Transportation and the Environment | AutoBeat

25% Reduction In Accounts Payable Cost Per Invoice, Cycle Time Reduced By 25%.  Completed In 90 Days.

$8 million Program Delivered Successfully, Despite Bankruptcy Of Employer, Extreme Technical Trouble

Led two complex projects where Designed User Interface for REAL-TIME POWER GENERATION DASHBOARD,  SCADA, AZURE, multi-MS Server systems with  RESPONSIVE software development.  Office 365, SharePoint, MS EXCHANGE, ACTIVE DIRECTORY.  Overcame significant problems with new tech.

12 High Impact, Rapid Prototype Projects in 90 Days.

Premium Retail Services

Placed New General Manager and Team Which Sold $100 Million In Services Over 10 Years At Healthy Margins


$500,000 Savings from $100,000 Investment, 1.3 Million Pages Made Paperless


Consolidated 30 Old Systems to One Current Technology


25+ apps in 90 days.  198 User Stories Defined, 45 into production, FIRST AGILE SUCCESS for company.


$10 Million per year Sales Gain Over Five Years

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Replaced $750,000 Software Package For $125,000, $350,000 Savings Per Year Due to Extreme Cost of Mistakes, in Production in 120 days.


640 Requirements consolidated to 284 User Stories, Process Mapping, Architecture, ERD,  38 Standard, 7 Custom Salesforce Objects, Nine Integrations, 45 Record Types Defined in 90 Days with Requirement Traceability




$100,000+ Savings from Prototype in 60 days





$300,000/year Savings, $2.5 Million Additional Savings Identified, $500,000 Payback from One Power User.  30% Reduction In Cost, Steps for Project Management throughout Company








Reduced "Time to User Value" from 5 Months to 30 Days







Order Processing Time Reduction from 5 Days to 1 1/2 Days. Project completed in 90 days.




CRM Expert Witness Win: $3.5 Million Settlement for Client


Tom’s Education, Certifications, Publications



Additional Details:


*Contact Us in Dallas, Texas, USA at

*Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects 

but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.


* Tom took Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification test twice between July and Sept. 2020 and missed passing by 2 questions.

I consider this credential 95% earned.


**Project did not proceed as expected in this original estimate with client.  Reevaluation is in process.