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Not for the faint of heart.  Preparation Items Required:  (Click for  Sample Deliverables from Previous Workshops, Engagements.  Confidential login required.)


Review, Prep, Prioritize Checklists:

1.  Most Recent Electric Connectors Case

2.  Ingram 18 Sales Technology Outcomes

3.  Ratio Analysis Master Showing:

  1. 5 Year Financial History Analysis (if client makes data available, ration calculation only)
  2. 5 Year Ratio Analysis Compared to Industry Average (limited to best available information, ration calculation only)
  3. Current Pie Charts: Revenue, Earnings, Customer Segment, Revenue By National/Global Region, Rev by Distributor/Partner Segment, Product Segment
  4. 5 Year Goal Pie Charts: Revenue, Earnings, Customer Segment, Revenue By National/Global Region, Rev by Distributor/Partner Segment, Product Segment

4.  Organization Charts for Executives/Business Units, Product Organization (Top 5), Sales / Marketing Organization (Top 5), Service Organization (Top 5)

5.  Outcomes / Goals, Bottlenecks / Barriers / Issues Summary, Top 5 Scope Items Initial Discussion Report

6.  General Summary of Business, Ownership, Officers, Relevant History

7.  Number of Salespeople, Number of Distributors/Partners

8.  Relevant Systems Summary

9.  Sales Territories Summary

10.  Pricing / Discount Policies Summary

11.  Costing (if relevant)

12.  Margins (goals / policy)

13.  Sales Support, Relevant Items:  Contracts, Credit, Commissions, Hand Off to Ops

14.  Operations Issues,  Relevant Items

15.  Industry Health Summary

16.  Customer Health Summary

17.  Cross Check:  What Type of Outcomes Needed?  Strategy?  Leadership?  Sales Talent?  Process?  Technology?



Previous Jumpstarts and Quickstarts...

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- Skinny CRM Quickstart


- Skinny CRM Dashboard


- Organic Sales News


- Executive Bluebook Quickstart


- Projects Quickstart


- Projects Services Toolkit Dashboard


- TIA Quickstart Work Management Template


- Visual Order Tracking


- Quality Problem, Nonconforming Materials


- Bid Eval Purchasing Site


- Product Development


- Dealer, Reseller, Customer Sites


- Compliance: Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Audit


- Legal


- HR


- Performance Eval Job Definitions


- Credit and Collections


- Time Capture, Project Cost Accounting, Legacy Interface


- Rough Cut Capacity Planning


- Services Costing Time Capture


- $1 Million+ Deal Approval


- Major New Customer Onboarding


- Vehicle, Asset Inventory and Maintenance


- Field Asset Inventory Maintenance Process


- Vehicle Fleet Maintenance, Check In, Check Out


- Admin Service Request


- AP Payment Authorization


- Sales To PO TO Ship



The Bowling Alley of No-Code Solutions:


- Engineered to Order, Make To Order, Complex Manufacturing - pg 2 of case


- Wholesale, Distribution, Capital Equipment Sales, Credit, Executive, Operations, Purchasing, HR, Accounting (password required)


- Home Builder, Heavy Construction, Mortgage, Safety, Purchasing, Sales, Executive, HR, Construction Operations, Land Acquisition (password required)


- Mortgage, Originations, Sales, Servicing, Servicing System Workarounds, Letter Generation, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Loss Mitigation, Compliance, Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie  (password required)


- Electric Utility


- Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (Pending)









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