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Success Stories

(4.1) Flowserve SOX Project:  Replaced dysfunctional $750,000 software package for $125,000.  Saving $350,000 per year in labor and extreme cost of mistakes (estimates).  System in production in 120 days.    


(4.2) Technology Startup – Software product development project in extreme trouble.  Brought project under control through story board, process flow, use cases, scope management, standards enforcement.   Recovered $300,000 from non-performing vendor and reduced cost to bring product to market by $14 Million in 90 days.    



(4.3) Celanese - $5 million complex infrastructure upgrade project in trouble:  Brought under control, scope reduced, change control implemented, project completed in 90 days.



(4.4) Texas Instruments:  Two advanced imaging / workflow projects completed in 120 days.  Saved $2.25 million in labor over 5 years in accounts payable, improved internal customer service 400%, freed up $5 million+ in cash from accounts receivable over 5 years. 



(4.5) Crossmark:  Series of 90 day projects resulted in $7.5 million saved over three years for cost of less than $400,000.  Consolidated 36 offices to 13 while creating a nation-wide set of standard sales and service processes. 


(4.6) Frito Lay:  Imaging / workflow project completed in 90 days. Resulted in 25% reduction in accounts payable cost per invoice, accounts payable cycle time reduced by 25%. 


(4.7) Handleman Subsidiary: Series of 90 day projects for sales support systems resulted in 30 small sales totaling $6.5 million and a landmark sale of $5.5 million to P&G. 



(4.8) Specialty Retailer:  Order processing time reduction from 5 days to 1 1/2 days.  Completed in 90 days.  



(4.9) Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary - Database to estimate IT department work load and manage scope.  Resolved 200% IT department under-funding.  Completed in 60 days. 


(4.10) Northern Telecom:  Software development for telephone switch product completed in 90 days.  Scope and change control enforced, preventing 33% overrun.


(4.11) Engineered Air Balance:  90 day project resulted in 30% labor savings on critical process and improved customer service.    


(4.12) Grote Consulting:  Software specification and bid package for web development. Completed in 90 days after multiple failures by previous vendors. 



(4.13) Ruhrpumpen – Quality project:  Resulted in extremely complex manual processes, mapped as-is, designed to-be, workflow and advanced SharePoint application developed within 60 days. 



(4.14) Viscotech:  Resulted in processes mapped, sales, purchasing, shipping applications up and running in SharePoint in 90 days for minimal cost.  

- Job Shop Manufacturer Process Flow

- Delivery, Subcontractor Schedule Management with Gantt Chart View

-Sales Person Buy In Record Keeping 5 Clicks or Less Per Contact PART 1  PART 2

-1/0 Sales Rep Self Management Best of the Best

-Visual Order Tracking My Action Items Gantt Chart   



(4.15) MCI:  Two advanced imaging / workflow projects.  Resulted in reduction of cycle time for deployment of workflow systems from 6 weeks to 6 days.  Completed in 60 days.



(4.16) City of Fort Worth – Year 2000 project:  Resulted in 25% reduction in testing and quality assurance cycle time.  Completed in 90 days.



(4.17) Ettinger Rosini (Manufacturer's Rep), complex sales project tracking and reporting.  Process map, requirements, initial prototype developed in one week.  Full prototype developed in 30 days.  Full solution requiring complex reporting developed in 90 days.

-Key Sales Tracking Sophisticated Reports  CLICK for Video 

  (4.18)  Agile, PMI, Rapid Results Summary of Key Concepts and Success Stories
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