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5X Training Call Course and Electives

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Core Curriculum: (We will generally cover the following but the agenda will be customized to the needs and skill level of each group.)

Session Cases and Concepts Tools and Technology

(3.17)  Hyundai:

-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study

-Press forward, get a tangible benefit in the hands of the business people

-Laying the foundation for larger scale use


(3.13)  Order Processing Reduced from 5 Days to 1 1/2 Days Through Process Improvement
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
Outline of Process Improvement Concepts

-Staple Yourself to An Order
-Use Cases required to understand the problem
-Embedding process improvement in your company’s DNA

SharePoint 101:  Sites, Libraries, Lists, Search, Native Forms, Metadata / Properties / Required, Alerts, Calendars, Discussions, Outlook Integration, Explorer, Calculated Fields, Version Tracking and Recovery, Excel Import /  Export,  Site, List, Library Templates, Remote Access for Employees, Small Videos, Web Parts, Basic Site Look and Feel, My Sites, Social Computing, Basic Permissions and Groups, Basic SharePoint Physical and Logical Architecture


(3.16) Financial Services Case:  $1,000,000 upgrade of old system avoided, 153 Step Process Reduced to 89 Steps in 30 Days. 
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Robert Schaffer, GE and Rapid Results History and Training Outline
-Agile, Rapid Results Robert Schaffer Concept Summary

-Deferring, avoiding big software upgrade costs
-No longer told "just manage around the old system with Excel"
-The Bowling Alley:  How big of an impact can you make?
-"First, try to solve the problem with no-code solutions..."
SharePoint 202a:  Native SP Workflows, Simple Designer Workflows:  Document Creation Revision Approval, Task Tracking, Email Notification, "Bug Them With Email Until They Do What They Are Supposed To Do", Simple Inventory, Simple Purchasing, Contract Creation, Revision Approval, Drag Email to Folder to Initiate Workflow
3 (3.23)  Engineered to Order Pump Manufacturer:  Non-Conforming Materials / Quality Problem:  Extremely complex manual processes, mapped As-Is, designed To-Be, workflow and advanced SharePoint application developed within 60 days.
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Quick Hit Benefits
-Participation by people doing the work is everything
-Use Cases
SharePoint 202b:  Simple Designer and InfoPath Forms:  Data Fields, Controls, Help Text, Form Layout, Making Easy to Do Complex Tasks
4 (3.1) Crossmark Case:  How Nation-Wide Process Improvement Freed Up 63,000 Sales and Support Hours per year, Removed 250,000 Possible Customer Service Mistakes and Saved $7.5 Million over Three Years*
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Big, nation-wide process improvement
-Quick Hit Benefits:  Field and HQ dramatic improvement in working together
-How to get buy-in: Participation, day in the life training, monitor field compliance with new systems
-Time studies
-Field vs HQ view of the problem
-Top Level Reporting Sr Mgmt Dashboard of Division and Leader Results
-Customer P&L
-Business strategy impact on computer projects
-Line management responsible for business outcome
-Task force solves the problem, not the consultant
-Time capture and services costing for white collar workers
-User driven projects
SharePoint 202c:  Advanced  Designer Workflows, Nintex Workflow:  Updating Multiple LIsts, Variables, Math, Cumulative Totals, Create Links for One-Click Task Reminders, Complex Project Tracking, Filtering Mass Data Down to Action Items, Attachment Upload Tracking, Advanced Quality Problem Tracking, Electronic Document Retention, Deletion, Archiving
5 (When the job is to write the specification for bigger software development)

(3.19)  Trade Show Services Provider:
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
Grote Consulting:  
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
SharePoint 202d:  Advanced InfoPath and Nintex Forms:  Approval Buttons, Advanced Task Assignment Tracking for Multiple Parties, Lookup Dropdown Data in Lists,
6 (3.5) Flowserve:  How We Completed a Rapid Results, "Don't Wait for IT Dept"  Project Using Advanced SharePoint Tools.  Estimated Payback of  $350,000/yr
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Solved the "Excel Problem"
-Creating competition for the IT department
-Quick prototype leads to big system, savings
-Hosted Solution Providers, Vendors, Cloud Application Dos and Don'ts
-When Conventional IT Is Needed: The Gold Standard: Business Problem - Process Solution - Requirements - Project Plan - Specification - Develop or Buy Software – Implement - Results - All Managed Through Earned Value
SharePoint 303:  External 3rd Party Access, Advanced Permissions and Groups, Dashboards, Charts, Graphs, Excel Services, Red / Green / Yellow Visual Indicators, Advanced Site Look and Feel, Advanced Search
7 (3.8) Alliance Data Systems:  $32 per hour Improvement in Gross Margins for Services Firm*
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Discipline and peer accountability
-OBS WBS concepts for major efforts
SharePoint 404:  Intro to Parent-Child Databases, Intro to Advanced ASP.NET Forms, Business Connectivity Services Access to SQL Server Data, Basic Mobile Applications, SQL Server Query to see "who is accessing what"
8 (3.3) Texas Instruments: How We Helped  Accounts Payable Save $450,000/year and Improve Service by 400%*
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Informal screen flow based specifications

Texas Instruments: How We Helped  Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable by
$1.5 Million and Complete Advanced Technology Project On-Time, On-Budget, As Promised using Earned Value*
-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study
-Earned Value Concepts
-Controlling technical risk
Advanced SharePoint Technical:  Documentation Needed for Farm, Site Collections, Workflows and Forms, Anonymous Access / Public Sites, Central Admin, Governance, Backup, Restore, Disaster Preparedness, Site Collection Creation, Admin,  Converting Lotus Notes, Access, Other Applications to SharePoint, Colligo and other Synchronization Software, Integration with Office Web Apps, Performance Point, Publishing, Content Types
9 Participant Labs and Prototype Construction  
10 Participant Prototype Presentation and Certification  


Session Cases and Concepts Sample Tools and Technology

(1.3)  "Skinny CRM", REPS / Handleman Case:  $6.5 Million Sold in 30 Sales over 2 1/2 Years, Penetrated New Marquee Account:  $5.5 Million Sale to Proctor & Gamble in 60 Days

-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study

-Outcome Desired:  15 qualified approaches = 5 meetings = 3 proposals = 1 sale

-Massive Prospect List Needs Qualification

-Pipeline Sales Activity Time Tracking

-Focus and Urgent Compelling Need Meter

-Sales Activity Pipeline System(Emails, Letters, Calls, Net Meetings, Face to Face Meetings, Proposals.  590 Leads Forecast at $11,668,000 Qualified, Tracked and Closed Over 30 Months.  30 Sales Totaling $6.5 Million)

-Sales Person Buy In Record Keeping 5 Clicks or Less Per Contact PART 1  PART 2

-Standardized Sales Contracts, Statements of Work, Change Orders

-1/0 Sales Rep Self Management Best of the Best

-Standardized Call Reports

-Key Sales Tracking Sophisticated Reports  CLICK for Video   


(3.1) Nation-Wide Sales Process Improvement, Crossmark Case:  Freed Up 63,000 Support Hours per year, Removed 250,000 Possible Customer Service Mistakes and Saved $7.5 Million over Three Years*

-CLICK for Work Samples, Case Study

-Visual Order Tracking My Action Items Gantt Chart   

-Visual Project Tracking Quality Defect Resolution 

-Time Capture System

-Customer P&L, Only Possible with Time Tracking

-Turn Order Takers into New Business Hunters: Increase Sales from Account Managers and Customer Service People 

-Custom Web Sites for Major Customers Make It Easy To Buy Hard To Switch

-How To Make Our Value Tangible

-Email marketing and click through tracking Example 1   

Best Click Through Results in 24 hours


13 SharePoint Advanced Technical Training 1 Larger Site, Hierarchy, Key Words, Large Scale Searching, File Volume, Records Issues, Managed Meta Data, Secure Store, Cross-Site Collection Search, IIS Web Site, Domain Naming Service, Buying Fully,  Qualified URLs, SSL Security, SP 2007, 2010, 2013 Migration, Configure SP 2013 Workflow Manager, Intro to Active Directory and Authentication, Virtual Servers
14 SharePoint Advanced Technical Training 2 Access to SQL Server Data through InfoPath Form Lookup, Synchronization Tools, SQL Server Reporting Services, Advanced Mobile Applications, Intro to Packaging and Deploying Solutions, When you need DocAve and similar tools for large systems and mass file migration
15 SharePoint Advanced Technical Training 3 PowerShell, Service Applications, User Profile Synch, Overview of Installation of SharePoint, Performance Testing, Tuning, Timer Jobs, Scheduled Jobs, Master Pages, Logging and Other Problem Solving Tools