About Tom Ingram:    Salesforce Certified Tech Lead, Senior Consultant Techno-Functional BA, User Story, Lightning, Integration, Process Specialist



Session 1: “360 View Of the Customer for the Agent.”


Session 2:  “Lightning Console for Agent Productivity.”

Tom Ingram Selected as Presenter for Technical Expertise

Two Sessions

Tom Ingram's 20+ years of experience include 25 CRM projects over 15 years (5 years Salesforce, 10 years Microsoft.)   Serving clients in the Dallas, Texas, USA area since 1989.


Key Employers:  Cambridge Technology Partners, Dun & Bradstreet Software, IBM (spinoff), Xerox, Infosys, Cognizant


Hot Situations, Project Turnarounds: Celanese, Tyco Electric (TE), FedEx, Northern Trust, State of Texas, Verizon, Mitel


CRM Expert Witness Win: $3.5 Million Settlement for Client


Special Focus Areas:


1.  Shortening Sales Cycles, Increase Margins for Complex Sales:

  • $10 million sale to Celanese in 90 days
  • $5.5 million sale to Procter & Gamble in 60 days
  • $2 million unit built, 100+ small sales in 30-60 days
  • $1.2 million in services for manufacturers, five of seven sales closed in less than 60 days


2.  Rapid Results, Highest Possible Value for Clients through Excellence in Technical Execution


3.  A Pioneer in No-Code / Low Code Solutions


4.  Adoption Successes for Tyco Electric (TE), Mitel, GSEC Electric, Texas Instruments, Morrison,


5.  Agile Results:  Over 750 User Stories defined, 500 delivered (Tom and teams)


6. Personal Sales, Practice Building Results

  • Five time winner, 100% Club award for personal sales for Xerox in early career
  • Sales management roles resulting in $10 million+ new, complex sales
  • $1.2 million practice built selling complex services to manufacturers
  • $8 million State & Local Government practice built
  • $10 million sale to Celanese after saving project in trouble
  • $25 million+ in personal sales over career


7.  Very Large Project Management Results:  Led four projects over $5 million for Celanese, State Of Texas, Verizon and FedEx.


Education, Certifications, Publications

  • Salesforce Admin 201 Certified, Lightning certification
  • PMP and Certified Management Consultant Certifications
  • Book, Peer Reviewed Journal Study published by PMI, 1996-1998
  • Dozens of articles, case studies on effective results from computer projects
  • Developed "TIA Expert System" for shortening process improvement and migrations
  • B.S., Iowa State, Electrical Engineering minor work, Business Degree, 1997, prior to



Employment Chronology


2017 - Present:  Infosys, Dallas, TX. Salesforce Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Techno-Functional BA, User Story, Lightning, Integration, Process Specialist.


2013 - 2017:  Independent Consulting / Contracting, Dallas, TX. Salesforce, Microsoft Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Techno-Functional BA, User Story, Lightning, Integration, Process Specialist.


2012-2013: Cognizant, Dallas, TX.  Associate Director, Technical PM, BA, SharePoint Solution Architect.


2001-2012:  Independent Consulting / Contracting, Dallas, TX.  Roles included CRM, Field Service Specialist, Agile Technical BA, Cloud Architect, SharePoint No-Code Solutions Developer, Technical PM, Process Analyst.    Witness role.


2000-01: Decision Consultants, Inc., Dallas, TX, Director of Delivery over 200 Consultants, Program Manager, Project Manager, Head of BA Group.


1997-2000:  Alliance Data Systems, Dallas, TX.  Technical Project Manager, Process Analyst, Senior Business Analyst roles.


1997, Prior To:  Xerox, IBM (spin-off), Dun & Bradstreet Software, Cambridge Technology Partners.



Additional Details:


*Contact Us in Dallas, Texas, USA at tom@tomingraminc.com

**Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.

"How to Turn Computer Problems

Into Competitive Advantage"

by Tom Ingram, Published 1998,

by the Project Management Institute


Book Review by

Philip Crosby,

Quality Pioneer

Tom Ingram, Salesforce Certified Admin 201,  PMP, CMC(e)


DETAILS:  Tom's Top Salesforce, Service Cloud, CRM-Related Results:


1. Fidelity Investments, Salesforce Service Cloud $1 Million Project:  Requirements, Process, Architecture.  Led team of two as techno-functional consultant, BA, Engagement Lead.  Reduced "Time to User Value" from 5 Months to 30 Days.**  Delivered in 10 Weeks:

  • 640 Requirements consolidated to 284 User Stories for Jira import
  • 304 Requirements deferred, out of scope or users able to self-serve
  •  Architecture, ERD defined with 38 Standard and 7 Custom Salesforce Objects, including Requirement Traceability
  • Nine Integrations, 45 Record Types, Permissions, User Groups defined
  • To-Be Process Flow defined for 1500 Clients after 20 Requirements Workshops
  • Road Map, Detailed Implementation Plan, Gap Analysis delivered
  • Training and videos so users could self-serve on 100+ requirements


2. TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics) a $12 Billion Manufacturer of Electric Connectors.  Led Salesforce Service Cloud project as Senior Consultant / techno-functional BA.  This $8.7 Million Salesforce Project Expected to Result in Cost Savings of $9.6 Million and Gross Profit of $216 Million Over Five Years.    Included Lightning migration.  Agile project.  (Project stalled - reevaluation of payback in process.**)

  • 300 Requirements from 20 projects converted to 300 User Stories in 60 days with Jira
  • "I get things done 10 times faster with Tom's team..." [product owner]
  • ROAD MAP with six Epics, 18 Features and 300 user stories created in 60 days
  • Identified four QUICK-HIT ITEMS, implemented rapidly, producing $200,000+ in quick savings and benefits
  • Led team which delivered 200 of the 300 user stories in14 months
  • Led migration to LIGHTNING from Classic for 125 Agents with dozens of Lightning screen mock ups / wire frames
  • Led design through EXTREME TECHNICAL COMPLEXITY:  Created initial and ongoing  solution designs, architecture maps for six interfaces, 360 View of the Customer for Agents, Skill Based Routing, optimized routing of phone, chat, web form and email submitted cases, CTI-Phone Routing with Omnichannel, third party software
  • OPTIMIZING HOT LEADS was single highest payback QUICK HIT, creating almost $1 million in five year savings / incremental revenue
  • BUSINESS NOW BELIEVES IT DEPARTMENT CAN DELIVER (after failure of two previous vendors)


3. Boeing: Led $3.5 Million Salesforce Project for as Senior Techno-Functional Project Manager, BA, Integration/Migration Scrum Master, App Dev Scrum Master.   Global project included 8 business units, 11 interfaces / migrations, 1000+ users. Agile project**.

  • Defined 150 User Stories in 15 Features for four teams.  Personally led 40 stories through testing, acceptance
  • Led design through EXTREME TECHNICAL COMPLEXITY:  Created initial solution designs, architecture maps and interface definitions for 11 interfaces, 10 standard objects, 6 custom objects, and consolidation of eight business units to a single Salesforce Org
  • Included consolidated of MS CRM, SAP CRM, ORACLE CRM and home-grown apps to Salesforce
  • Implemented TFS, Scope Management, Burn Up/Down Charts, Continuous Release, Code Repository, code check in / check out, architect review, branch merging disciplines started.
  • First person hired to ramp up team of 24 contractors and organize project.  Built cooperative, "client first" team of contractors from competing contractors


4. Crossmark: Led two year CRM, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) project as Senior Technical-Functional Consultant for Process Improvement, Consolidation effort completed with Microsoft Tools.  Consolidated 18 business units into one standard set of processes with field compliance audits.  Resulted in $2.5 million per year in hard cost savings, $10 million in additional sales per year.   INCLUDED FIELD SALES and SERVICE PROCESSES FOR 9,000 EMPLOYEES.  Reduced 97 step CPQ process to 49 steps for complex pricing and quoting of products, services, discounts and rebates.**

5.  Handleman, Premium:  Led CRM project as Senior Technical-Functional Consultant with Microsoft Tools resulting in $6.5 million in new services sold in 30 small transactions and $5.5 million in new services sold to Procter & Gamble.**

6.  Infosys: As Salesforce Technical Lead completed extensive training in Lighting Experience migrations, SFDX (release management, IDE, code repository, sandbox change sets to production) and ECommmerce (Storefronts, Products, Pricelists, Ordering, Interfaces), Case management and Test Driven Development.  Agile focus.

7.  Exeter Finance: Led Salesforce, Related CRM effort as Senior Technical-Functional Consultant  to extract data from Salesforce through SQL Server/SSIS/SSRS to SharePoint for Field Sales / Customer Dashboard on iPad.  200 Salespeople supported.  Phase 1 dashboard delivered in 10 days.  Agile project.**

8.  Mitel:  Led CRM, Salesforce Related, Other app dev / migration as hands-on Microsoft solution architect to create immediate custom solutions in SharePoint, SQL Server, other tools while waiting for Salesforce development.  5,000 casual users and 200 heavy users migrated, supported.  SPECTACULAR ADOPTION SUCCESS: 50+ “thanks and well done” emails.**

9.  Expert Witness On CRM, Project Management:  Won a $3.5 Million settlement for client as CRM / Project Management expert witness.**

10.  Morrison Distributors:  Led Credit Process Improvement as Senior Technical-Functional Consultant resulting in 35 person credit department converting 1.3 Million pages to paperless system for just $100,000.**

11.  Texas Instruments: Led Collections, Expense Reporting Process Improvement projects resulting in $400,000 per year labor savings.