Before and After Process Improvement Master Page


(under development - patience appreciated)

Simple: Reduce HOT LEADS PROCESS from 40 steps to 5 steps.  $30,000 cost results in $9 Million Expected Gross Profit



Big Picture: $1.3 Million Project, Operations for Investment Firm.  "Time to User Value" reduced from 5 Months to 30 Days


- 640 Requirements consolidated to 284 User Stories

- 304 Requirements deferred, out of scope or users able to self-serve


- KANBAN  Video in-depth Kanban  (pw required)

- TRIAGE  (sign in required)

- THE WORK   from 20 BASELINE USE CASES to 124 Secondary Use Cases to 284 User Stories to DELIVERY and RESULTS

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**Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.