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Bible Rock


Our mission is to teach the Bible through song.  We rewrite old Rock & Roll songs with Christian lyrics to draw people in to biblical thinking and the joy of full faith in Jesus with the Body of Believers.


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1. Our lyrics and arrangements are public domain.  You are free to use them.


2. Our use of copyrighted material is consistent with U.S. Copyright Law, Section 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use.  These are considered "Parodies" of songs which is a define Fair Use.  ASCAP, the largest licenser of music performance rights, grants exceptions for the payment of performance royalties in worship and certain non-profit situations.  See http://www.ascap.com or contact us for specifics.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT RECORD, TRANSMIT OR POST VIDEOS OF THESE SONGS - you might be liable for copyright infringement.




- As Charles and John Wesley rewrote songs from the 17th and 18th centuries with Christian lyrics, we want to preserve the great music we grew up in point it to Jesus.  We hope that the hymnals 50 years from now will include some of these songs with bible-base lyrics


- We will will do our best to conduct ourselves biblically in the fruit of the Spirit - especially when we are upset with each other


- Performance and excellence are important but we are not doing this for the praises of men.


- Potential band mates will audition and the core group will carefully and prayerfully consider who should be invited, asked to sit in periodically or asked to join permanently.


- There may come a time when we have to ask band members to leave due to behavior that is not consistent with these values.  We will always give people an opportunity to correct problems before we ask them to leave.


- Band members, lead vocalists, lead instrumentalists will not be chosen on music skill alone.  Contribution and hard work matter and even if some are not as musically skilled as others.  We will do our best to help them perform and contribute to the mission.


- We are aging and recognize that hearing, timing, instrument skills and mental capacity can deteriorate.  We all must be prepared to give way to others when we can no longer contribute with reasonable excellence.


- Generally we will look for consensus among the core members on decisions but there may be situations where Tom will have to make a final decision so we can move forward.


- Our core members must profess Jesus as their personal savior and conduct themselves biblically (understanding that we have all sinned and fall short...)


- As of 11/8/15 the core group consists of Albert Alonzo and Tom Ingram