Ingram 18 Sales Technology Outcomes


1.  Shorten Sales Cycles for Complex, High Margin Sales


2.  Increase Margins, High Margin Customers


3.  Increase Close Rate


4.  Increase Quality / Quantity / Qualification of Leads


5.  Increase Direct Sales, Decrease Sales through Resellers


6.  Increase Sales from Customer Service (360 view of customer)


7.  Reliable Sales Forecast, Impact on Operations Understood


8.  Configure, Price, Quote, Estimates, Proposals: Best wins, least labor cost, mistakes, liability


9.  Catalogs, Price Lists, Spec Sheets, Customer Buying History, etc.


10.  Special Needs

  a)  Order Entry / Processing / Hand Off to Operations

  b)  Big Deal Tracking

  c)  Cross Selling


11.  Campaigns, Special Events, Promotions


12.  Resellers:  Lead Handoff, Self-Ordering, Storefront Sites, Offload Commodity Sales Support


13.  Customers:   Self Service, Self-Ordering, Storefront, Q&A, Offload Commodity Sales Support


14.  Customer P&L, Cost to Serve


15.  Services Costing, Time Capture for White Collar Labor


16.  Sales Support Processes:  Contracts, Credit, Territories, Commissions, Expenses, Handoff to Ops


17.  Mobil Device / Telephone / Chat / Email Integrations


18.  Execution Keys:

  a) Minimum Clicks for Sales

  b) Elite Team, Rapid Results:  Better, Faster than Conventional IT

  c) Process Right, Consolidation First, then Technology

  d) BUY-IN from sales, product management, marketing, service






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**Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.