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$35 million in Sales Gains*

Sales Leadership

Sales Execution

Sales Strategy



Top 5 Strategy and Leadership Success Stories


(3.1a) Nation-Wide Sales Process Improvement, Reworked Field Sales and Service Processes for 9000 People.

  $40 Million+ Additional Sales Over 5 Years Because "Easier to Do Business With"

Sales Cycle: 30-Days to 1 Year (dramatically shorter than previous)

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(2.1) Procter & Gamble:  $5.5 Million in New Services Sold in 60 Days*

Big Strategy Win

Sales Cycle: Moved Outstanding Team from Dying Competitor to Healthy Service Provider.  Got Lucky.


(1.3)  "Skinny CRM", Urgent Compelling Need Theory, Sales Execution Resulted in: $6.5 Million Sold in 30 Sales over 2 1/2 Years*

Sales Cycle: Varied From 60-day to 2 years.  Dramatically Narrowed Pipeline and Focus.  Good Prospects Followed Salespeople to Healthy Company.



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(2.4) Services Subsidiary Leadership Win:  Resulted in $25 Million+ per year Sold for 10 Years and Returned to Profitability.

Brought New CEO to a Struggling Services Company*.

Sales Cycle: New CEO Placed in Two Weeks.

(2.2) General Mills, Dole, ConAgra, Reckitt Benckiser: $1.2 Million in New Services Sold at 50% Margin in One Year*

Sales Cycle: Placed "Super Senior Sales Exec" in 60-Days.


Top 5 Sales Execution Success Stories

(5.4) Manufacturing Services Niche,

Urgent Compelling Need Theory Big Win.

Initial Marquee Client Landed, Six Additional Clients in Same Industry Closed.

$935,000 Sold, Big Results for Clients.

Sales Cycle: 60-Day Initial Sale, Multiple Additional Sales in 30-60 Days

(5.8) Manufacturing Niche, Oil & Gas Products

Closed Marquee Account, Additional Smaller Projects

$250,000Sold.  Big Results for Client.

Sales Cycle: 30-Day Initial Sale, Multiple Additional Sales in 30-60 Days, Long Term Services Sold, Multiple Years.


(5.3) $10 Million Outsourced Services Sale

Sold After Saved Project in Trouble.

Sales Cycle: 90-Days to Save Project, Additional 60-Days to Close $10 Million Order.

(5.2) $8 Million in Products and Services Sold to Dept. of Human Services and Dept. of Insurance

Sales Cycle: Initial Sale - 6 Month Procurement Cycle, Subsequent Sales 90-120 Days

(5.1) Early Urgent Compelling Need Theory Win

$2 Million Business Unit Built With 35% Margins (vs. 18% margins in rest of company)

Sales Cycle: Initial $65,000Sale - 6 Months.   100+ Additional Sales in 30-60 Days.

One Business Unit sold for $3 Million, Second Business Unit sold for $12 Million.


(2.3) Renaissance Capital:  Brought a New CEO to a Struggling Software Firm, Resulting in Sales Growth from  $500,000 to $2 million*

Sales Cycle: Initial Sale in 2-Weeks.  CEO Replaced in 60-Days.

*Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.

(e) CMC, (Certified Management Consultant) is awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants.  Tom's renewal of this credential is pending.

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