Sales Leadership Success Stories

(1.7) How We Penetrated A Major Account Through High Value, Solution Selling, Sold $2 Million+ at 35% Margin (Twice Industry Average)*

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(1.8) How We Brought Strategy & Leadership, Resulting in $1.2 Million in New Services at 50% Margin to General Mills, Dole, ConAgra, Reckitt and Benckiser in One Year*

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(1.6) How We Sold $3.2 Million in New Services to the State of Texas, Directly Contributing to a $21 Million Savings*

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(1.9) MY FAVORITE EXAMPLE: How we sold one process improvement project that led to $7 million+ in services sold and 100+ web site development projects*: CLICK HERE

(1.10) Holding The Bad Guys Accountable, CRM Horror Story Results in $3.5 Million Settlement 30 Days Before Trial*

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(1.11)  Interviews with the Sales Execution Experts*

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(1.12)  See Credit and Collections Success Above.  Grant Credit to Good Customers Fast, At Reduced Cost


(5.4)How We Helped Clients Communicate the Value of Their Services - 

- Merchandising Services Company Sample Success Stories and 23 Points of Excellence

- See Web Converting Success Stories

- See "Cream and Yogurt" Success Story


 (1.13) See Telecom Hardware/Software Manufacturer  Case, Item 6.2 for examples and success stories.

- $2 Million/yr Upgrade Request and Change Order Management "Franken-App" reworked, now used for 1/2 dozen major clients

- U.S. Reseller Discount and Sales Management "Franken-App" reworked, effective

(2.2) General Mills, Dole, ConAgra, Reckitt Benckiser: How We Brought Strategy & Leadership, Resulting in $1.2 Million in New Services Sold at 50% Margin in One Year*

(2.3) Renaissance Capital:  How we brought a New CEO to a Struggling Software Firm, Resulting in Sales Growth from  $500,000 to $2 million,   including a $1 million sale to Computer Associates*

(2.1) Procter & Gamble:  How We Brought Strategy and a New Management Team to a Client, Resulting in $5.5 Million in New Services Sold to P&G in 60 Days***

(2.4) Omnicom Subsidiary:  How we brought Strategy and a New CEO to a struggling services company, resulting in Return to Profitable Operations*

(2.5) Services Costing:  How we helped a client understand their Cost to Deliver High Value Services*  Click for Case Study 1    CLICK for Case Study 2

(2.6) Strategic Investment in Sales Force System:  Client Grew  Insurance Broker from $48 million to $210 million and grew profit from $6.1 million to $31 million over 22 years (14.7% Profit.).  CEO attributes $40 million of this sales growth to a long term sales process improvement project*

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**Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.