Tom Ingram Practice Building, Key Sales Accomplishments

Tom's Personal Sales Club Awards...

(Manufacturer Niche, Oil and Gas Products)

(5.8) Flowserve: $225,000 Total.

Sold $75,000 in workshops, miscellaneous.  $150,000 development project.


Resulted in $350,000/year savings on SOX compliance.


  1. 18 months of ongoing, cloud-based services revenues, $1,000-$3,000/month
  2. Six Sales of Cloud based, “Next Day” Deployments of SharePoint, Training, Consulting Services during this period


(5.9)  Ruhrpumpen: Sold small project

for Non-Conforming Materials / Quality project. Resulted in rapid solution, process and software, visual quality solution in three weeks*.


(5.2) State of Texas: $8 million practice

built from sales and delivery to Dept. of Human Services and Dept. of Insurance

(-) Xerox:

     225% of Sales Quota, First Year

(5.4) Manufacturing Services Niche:

$935,000 Sold, Big results for clients.




  • Crossmark:  $400,000 in revenue from Contracts Workflow, Customer Self Serve Web sites, nationwide reengineering of all field sales and services processes.  Resulted in $2.5 million cost savings/year, $10 million/year incremental sales.


  • Crossmark Competitors:  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Clients:  $135,000 total revenue.  Sold Workshops, Sales Jumpstart Service, Miscellaneous. Resulted in $1.2 million in new services sold to General Mills, ConAgra, Dole and Reckitt Benckiser


  • 7th Crossmark Competitor:  $400,000 in revenue.  Sold Workshop, Sales Jumpstart Service, Skinny CRM, Software Specification, Costing,  Time Capture, Web Site Development, Marketing Material Development, Standard Statement Of Work.  Resulted in  $6.5 million in services sold over 2 1/2 years in 30 small sales and $5.5 million sale  to Procter & Gamble.*

(5.3) Celanese: $10 million outsourcing

     sale sold after saved infrastructure

     project in trouble.

(5.1) United Telecom

       (Startup led by ex-IBMers):

$2 million practice built. Performing as promised on $65,000 initial sale resulted in 200 package implementations totaling $2 million sold (at 35% margins, near perfect customer satisfaction). Employer sold to Novell for $3 million.

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**Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits are derived from actual projects but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.