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Documentum Case

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Jeff Miller, former CEO of Documentum

1.0 Success Story and Credentials

1.01 Key Points Summary and Conference Call Recording

1.1 2 Minute Summary Video plus Full Interview 
(includes quiz)

1.2 On Shortening Sales Cycles
(includes quiz)

1.3 How to Be a Partner instead of a Commodity
(includes quiz)

1.4. How to Find the Right Niche for Your Services Company
(includes quiz)
1.5.  How to Produce 32 Fold Paybacks for Clients
(includes quiz)


Mary Twain, former VP of Sales for Documentum

2.0 Success Story and Credentials

2.1 2 Minute Summary Video plus Full Interview 
 (includes quiz)

2.2 How We Closed GlaxoSmithKline, Schering Plough,  Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and 30 other Pharmaceutical Companies in 18 Months 
(includes quiz)

2.3 On Shortening Sales Cycles 
(includes quiz)

2.4 How to Sell to Senior Executive Decision Makers - Not Lower Level People
(includes quiz)

2.5 How to Sell $4 of Services for Every $1 of Technology Sold
 (includes quiz)



Doug Terrell, Retired Head of GE's 43,000 Person Sales Organization

4.0 Success Stories and Credentials

4.1 Full Interview

4.2 How to Sell to Senior Executive Decision Makers and Avoid the Commodity Trap of Lower Level Buyers  (includes quiz)

4.2.1 Part 1:  Focus on the Revenue Side - Make Money for Them  (includes quiz)

4.2.2 Part 2:  Faster, Bigger Paybacks than Your Competitors  (includes quiz)

4.2.3 Part 3:  Becoming Part of Customer's Planning Cycle  (includes quiz)

4.2.4 Part 4:  How Being Better on the Revenue Side Helps You be Better on the Cost Side  (includes quiz)

4.3 35% Contribution Margin on $47 Billion in Services Revenue:  How GE Avoids the Trap of Underrating Services  (includes quiz)

4.3.1 "Selling a Few Parts and Repair Services" vs. a Service That Reduces Generator Downtime from 6 Months to 4 Days  (includes quiz)

4.4 Essentials:  The Weekly Sales Pipeline / Qualify / Sales Activity Measurement / Forecast System  (includes quiz)

4.4.1 Bonus:  Sales People Sharing What is Working, Helping Each Other  (includes quiz)

4.5 Incentive Systems Work:  How We Increased Sales from $640 Million to $1.1 Billion in One Year, to $1.4 Billion the Next  (includes quiz)

4.6 Doug's Best Sales Person Development Tools and Techniques  (includes quiz)

4.7 How to Get a Product / Engineering Focused Organization Excited About Services  (includes quiz)

4.8 Performing Service as Promised is Your Best Sales Person  (includes quiz)

4.9 Special and Extra Effort Services that Keep the Customer for the Long Term  (includes quiz)

4.10 How to Find Your Technology / Process / Quality Competitive Edge  (Customers value it, competitors can't duplicate it)  (includes quiz)


David Watson, former General Manager, Services, Service Centers, GE Energy Aero Derivatives Turbines

5.0 Success Stories and Credentials

5.1 Full Interview

5.2 How We Grew Services Sales from $250 Million to $540 Million in Two Years at 35% Contribution Margin (50% by acquisition, 50% organic)  (includes quiz)

5.3 How We Identified Our Core Technology / Process / Quality Competitive Advantage  (includes quiz)

5.4 Understanding the Core Competitive Advantage:  How We Reduced Customer Outages from 6 Months to 3-4 Days  (includes quiz)

5.5 Beating Competitors that are "Cherry Picking the Spare Parts Business"  (includes quiz)

5.6 How We Structured Services to Keep Customers for 5-10 Years  (includes quiz)

5.7 How Being Better at Core Technology / Process / Quality Helps You on the Cost Side  (includes quiz)

5.8 How We Moved from Traditional, Commodity Parts and Service to High Value, Long Term Services Contracts  (includes quiz)

5.9 How We Shortened Sales Cycles  (includes quiz)

5.10 How to Switch from a "Product / Engineering" Mindset to a "Services" Mindset   (includes quiz)

5.11 How We Changed Our Parts Business Into a $540 Million, High Value, High Margin Services Business  (includes quiz)


Scott Lear, Schneider Electric, Area Manager, Director, Bus Dev, Automation, Control

6.0 Success Stories and Credentials

6.1 Full Interview

6.2 How Schneider Grew U.S.  Services from $24 million to $400 million at 32% Contribution Margin (over 15 Years)  (includes quiz)

6.3 How We Switched to Value Based Pricing (Away from Traditional Parts / Service / Commodity Pricing)  (includes quiz)

6.4 How We Grew a Three State Region's Services from $1.5 Million to $9.75 Million at 32% Contribution Margin in Four Years AND Grew Total Sales from $78 Million to $120 Million at Same Time (Shows Product Sales Gains from Doing Services Well!)  (includes quiz)

6.5 How We Discovered Our Core Technical / Process / Quality Competitive Advantage  (includes quiz)

6.6 How We Began Earning More Money from Services Than New Equipment Sales  (includes quiz)

6.7 How to Move the Customer Away from Insane Focus on Cost  (includes quiz)

6.8 How to Get Product Sales People to Sell Services  (includes quiz)

6.9 How to Win Two Out of Three Competitive Bids  (includes quiz)

6.10 How We Capitalized on Competitor's Tendency to Always Propose New Equipment - Beat Them With a Service!  (includes quiz)

Bill Best, 31 Years with Heidelberg, retired in 2009 as Senior Vice President responsible for $180 million+ in Services Sales ($600 million+  total product and service revenue in the U.S.)

7.0 Success Stories and Credentials

7.1 Full Interview  (Helps understand detailed service sales and execution around core technology / process / quality competitive advantage)

7.2 How Heidelberg Grew U.S. Services Sales to $180 Million+ Over My 31 Years



Scott Ransom, former head of $1 Billion Consumer Goods Outsourcing Practice

3.0 Success Stories and Credentials

3.1 See clips for full interview

3.2 How to Win Outsourcing Sales with Short Term Gains 
(includes quiz)

3.3 Winning by Having an Industry Expert on Your Team (video missing)

3.4 Winning with Strong Before and After Performance Improvement (video missing) Measures

3.5 How to Be a Partner - Not a Commodity - Through Industry (video missing) Expertise

3.6 Winning - But Not on Price (video missing)

3.7 How to Build a Consumer Goods Outsourcing Practice (video missing)

3.8 How We Won a $4.2 Billion Outsourcing Sale (video missing)

Success stories, client quotes and payback estimates are provided as general illustrations of past performance and represent summaries of long term, complex efforts.  They are often used to teach concepts and lessons learned, and may have been simplified considerably.  Estimates of financial impact are estimates only, and not intended to convey exact financial information.  Some have been altered to protect confidential information.  We ask that prospective clients contact our references and request specific details of relevant success stories prior to any decision to use our services.