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Shorten Sales Cycles

Increase Margins

Organic Sales Gains

Sole Source Wins

Big Trouble, Turnarounds

Value Pricing

Grow Service Sales

Grow High Margin Customers

Grow Sales, Margins with Better Product Development

Complex Pricing, Quoting, Estimating

Increase Sales with Better Customer Service

$200 million+ in Sales Gains, $75 million+ in Margin Improvement for Clients*





Tom Ingram, PMP. CMC(e)

Salesforce Certified




"How to Turn Computer Problems

Into Competitive Advantage"

by Tom Ingram, Published 1998,

Project Management Institute


Book Review by

Philip Crosby,

Quality Pioneer


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TIA Expert System

Jumpstart Services

B to B Sales Driven CEO Database

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Lean Salesforce

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*Contact Us in Dallas, Texas, USA at or 972-394-5721.

*Success stories, client quotes, estimated costs and benefits, names, faces, etc. are derived from actual projects 

but may have been altered for simplicity, teaching purposes or to protect confidential information.

  Names are disguised to maintain privacy.

(e) CMC, (Certified Management Consultant) is awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants.  Tom's renewal of this credential is pending. Site Converted to Word 2/1/2021